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How Can I Make Money Right Now?

Lack is part of life, that means you can run out of money when you need it the most. 'How can I make money  right now?' you will ask. Your pocket is empty, what can you do? And you have it at the back of your mind you have to make quick money.

Go through this list in order to make money right now

Besides things I can do when I need money right now, I have added means to borrow money fast and do away with things around the house that can easily be converted into cash. I have tossed in things to do for friends to give cash while assisting them.

There is only one fact: Each rule makes you able to put money in your pockets in the next 60 minutes.

Every second is important. Let's begin.

Here are the techniques to earn money right now.

1. Sell Your Jewellery
You can turn your jewellery into cash very fast. Avoid areas that do adverts constantly. They usually offer the lowest prices, in addition to that sending your items by mail takes a longer time. Try a local jewellery store first.

2. Do a Quick Work for Relatives or Friends
Your relatives or friends want you to assist them with something? So look for an activity you can do for them in the next 60 minutes, in exchange for a reward-cash. For example, offer to do delivery or mow their lawn for cash.

3. Look For Your Missing and Hidden Cash
There are small properties and money hidden in your home which when found can easily be converted into cash. For example, my sister recently found a good amount of money inside her pillow. She had put it there for a rainy day when she needed it, but she forgot she had that money there.

Look through your files, pockets of your clothing and places you might have saved some money for emergencies. While you are at it, search under your couch and tables to gather up other valuables that might be hiding.

4. Sell Scrap Metal
Metals like aluminum and copper are the most important metals you can easily find around. Collect these metals from relatives and friends, and offer to share the money you get when you sell them. You might be lucky your friends and family may not ask for anything in return for disposing off what they see as scrap or useless. You get to pocket all the money then.

5. Return Items You Bought
Have you purchased anything in the past couple of weeks that you realized you do not need? You might get a refund if the receipt is still available. Return policies for various shops are different, but some shops are pretty unselfish.  Some shops have refund policy of up to 90 days for most items.

6. Sell Things You Don't Need
Get rid of those items you really don’t need. Equally find out from friends and family those items they also want to get rid of. You sell those things belonging to them for a cut in the cash gotten.

7. Chase Your Debtors
If your money is with anyone, follow up on the phone and retrieve them. To avoid bad debt, you can pep your debtors up to make payment to you by giving them discount on the amount owed. Half a loaf is better than none. Getting $40 now is better than waiting to get $60.

8. Get an Advance From Your Employers
Will your employer give you a cash advance on your salary or wage? They may refuse, but it's better to ask and know if they will be helpful.

9. Borrow From Relatives and Family
Your relatives and friends are in a good position to offer a helping hand to you if you always made prompt payment to them for loans taken from them.

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