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Everything You Need To Know About Ways To Declutter Your Life

You may be doing well to simplify your life, but you need extra ideas on ways to declutter, as things go on to pile up over time(especially at home)

Every so often I support you to tidy up in small steps, but sometimes it can be exciting to have to do an entire room as soon as possible.

So we have here the best way to declutter, if that is your plan for your home or office.

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1. Free up a working space, almost certainly in the middle of the room or office.

2. Begin from one part of the room, and work it out to the opposite side.

3. Do one shelf, spot or drawer on the floor at a time.

4. Take everything from the shelf or drawer and heap it up in the already created working space. Dust out the drawer or shelf.

5. Organize the heap into two heaps:

a) What you love and use often and b) what you are going to throw away. Consider each item and make an immediate decision — Do you remember the last time you used this?

If you have not used it for a couple of weeks, get rid of it. In doing this take not of seasonal stuff, like umbrella. For those items, you may need to use them again.

6. When you are done sorting out the heap, repack the items you did not get rid of, carefully. Donate or recycle the other pile or give it out to friends and family.

Consider shredding sensitive office documents if you are decluttering your office.

7. Go on to the next shelf or drawer on the floor. Do this repeatedly until you have done this across the entire room. One at a time.

You can’t forgo the joy of tidying up when you are done. Enjoy the simplicity now.

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