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Why You Should Always Eat Those Strange Strings On Your Banana

We love bananas for a couple of reasons: They are sweet, they make an excellent combination with groundnuts. But there is one thing we just do not get: those strange strings. Why do they hang around, making our banana-eating experience less than perfect? Luckily, it turns out, unlike some of the pockets on 60 percent of our trousers, they are not just for decoration. First of all, they are not scientifically called banana strings; they are “phloem bundles.” And if you can get past a name that is frankly not doing itself any favours, you will find that they are actually really good for you.

On the whole, phloem is complex tissue that transports food and water in a plant, thus providing it with enough food, nutrients, minerals and water to grow. So importantly, ‘banana strings’ distribute nutrients up and down the banana as it becomes ripe.

So if you are someone who has never even seen that bananas have strings, carry on. But if you are still don’t like them, suck it up and know that t…

14 New Thoughts About How To Set Up Emergency Fund That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

Creating an emergency fund, if you have not already began, is one of the best things to do for your personal finances. Most people do not know how to set up emergency fund. I am going to walk you through this practical financial decision. It’s a common financial advice, in reality, but the uncommon part about it is how this is done,. but what’s not so common is how to actually do it.
Why It’s So Important? I do not like using the word “important” most times, because often times it  makes things too critical than they seem. Though in this situation, we are talking about your money, an emergency fund is definitely important.

If you are having financial burdens, the best decisions to take right now are:

1) Cut down on your spending

2) Stop borrowing

3) Set emergency fund of 20% of your income saved monthly. It saves your budget. If unexpected situations occur, you do not have to rewrite your old budget to pay for these things. With an emergency fund, it makes budgeting much easier.

Learning How To Save Money Each Month From Salary Is Not Difficult At All!

Like many young people, I dread budgeting and paying expenses and thinking also about savings and pension. I have observed that living consciously means not only celebrating in this time, but taking care of things at this moment, when they are not huge, rather than wait when they get out of hand.With that in mind, I have a few tips for anyone else who wants to learn how to save money each month from salary.
1. Spend less than you make OK, this is almost the only tip you need. People spend more than they do not really have, and that is the biggest financial problem of such individuals. Then they end up in a tight corner, and it’s hard to get out of the corner, and they work long hours to keep up with spending beyond their means.

The result is an unhappy life in which they are trying to pay for spending, they don’t need really.

Spend less, work more, worry less, be happier.
2. Try not to get into debt If you spend less than the salary you make, you won’t be owing, clearly. It’s simple,…

Precious Tips To Help You Get Good At How To Master A Skill

I  am at most times asked how you can begin doing work you are passionate about- How you can survive on doing something you love to bits. The truth is you have to know how to master a skill that you have. I don’t claim to have all the detailed answers, but the truth for me has been very easy:
Do one thing-skill really well. Individuals want more detailed answers than that, but in my experience, if you learn to do one thing very well, the rest will follow without much effort.
I write about simplicity. Over the few months of writing on LivingVibes I have done well by concentrating on this alone, and avoiding anything that gets in the way.

By having the same thing done severally. I have gotten much better. That is not to say one must be one-sided. Great enough, at any rate, for individuals to want to read my articles, and as the audience for my work has grown on social media and search engine visits, so have the chances to make a living in a non-disturbing way.
Do one thing well. This i…

The Greatest Idea Ever On How To Stop Procrastinating

Your first consideration as you see this post will be, "I will read this when I have time". It will take a few minutes of your time. The fact is, this will help save many hours of your time in future. This is unbelievably easy, but like anything else, it takes a little practice.

Try it now:

Identify the most important task you have to do today.

Make sure to do just the first little part of it — just the first minute. Getting started is what matters for now.

Clear away disturbances. Ideally, turn everything off. Close all distracting things. There should just be you, and your task ahead.
Focus on getting started. Not getting everything done for now but, just starting something.

Consider what is going on in your mind, as it begins to switch to another duty. You will have desires to go on Facebook or Twitter or your favourite app on your phone. You will want to call or do another task. Take note of all these desires.

But don’t move. Notice the desires, but sit still, and let t…

Easy Rules On How To Overcome Procrastination And Laziness

Everyone amongst us procrastinates, is there anyone among us who does not, and that is a truth in life. It is hidden within us. We often allow too much for what we can do later. If our current nature cannot beat procrastination, why will our future nature do it? People seem to like ways to overcome procrastination, so they can actually get down to focusing.

Here’s a quick guide.

Why we procrastinate Let’s get down to what makes us procrastinate. The reasons are many, which are similar in various ways:
1. We want immediate satisfaction. Sleeping is thought of as nicer, at this very moment, than going on a run. Facebook is easier browsing now, than getting that work you have been giving excuses for.

2. We fear the unknown. We might not have that part of our lives written in our book, because there are issues with the writing that we have not noticed yet. Fearing something makes us want to to postpone, and to do something easy instead.

3. It’s easy – no bad results right now. When we we…

8 Best Steps On How To Start Eating Healthy

These steps on how to start eating healthy are all about making changes to your meals in bits. You can call that small steps. The impact of this is, we get used to the changes after a short period of time, until they look normal. The steps
1. Eat fruits for snacks. Instead of eating junk food in the course of the day, make sure you have fruits with you all day. Bite that fruit when you feel hungry between meals.

2. Drink water. Do your best to reduce drinks that contain sugar. I am not saying cut that down immediately, but drink one bit at a time, changing them with water as time goes on.

3. Add fresh vegetables to dinner. You are missing a lot if you don’t already include vegetables in your dinner.Reduce unhealthy meals if you normally eat that.

4. Stop eating red meat. You can still eat seafood and poultry for now. Later, you can remove those out too if you want.

5. Eat nuts instead of chips. If you usually have chips as snack, attempt eating unsalted peanuts.

6. Change whole milk …

Everything You Need To Know About Ways To Declutter Your Life

You may be doing well to simplify your life, but you need extra ideas on ways to declutter, as things go on to pile up over time(especially at home) Every so often I support you to tidy up in small steps, but sometimes it can be exciting to have to do an entire room as soon as possible.

So we have here the best way to declutter, if that is your plan for your home or office.

6 Ways On How To Keep A Positive Mindset To Overcome Any Situation

1. Free up a working space, almost certainly in the middle of the room or office.

2. Begin from one part of the room, and work it out to the opposite side.

3. Do one shelf, spot or drawer on the floor at a time.

4. Take everything from the shelf or drawer and heap it up in the already created working space. Dust out the drawer or shelf.

5. Organize the heap into two heaps:

a) What you love and use often and b) what you are going to throw away. Consider each item and make an immediate decision — Do you remember the last time you used this?

If you ha…

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About How To Overcome Fear Of Failure

Overcoming failure is one of the key things that reveal the human side of us. Unlike animals that fear only present dangers, human beings have the tendency to anticipate fears- Look forward to things that are likely to happen in the near future. Fear of failure, some believe, is important…. it guides our behavior from acting bad. But what I have realized, is most of these, fear, depression and anxiety are unnecessary, and keep us down from achieving anything.

Most of these fears include: not being good, failure, being broke, success, rejection and relationships.

I believe the first one — not being good enough — is the main cause of all the others. We often fear because we are not good enough compared to others.
What fear are you suffering from? What fear wakes you up in the middle of the night with your heart pounding? That you are not good enough?

But here is the clue: having the fear is normal. Allowing it to prevent you from fulfilling your dreams is a tragedy.

How to overcome fea…

How To Make Someone Happy When They Are Depressed

Just had an idea to share with you list of things to think about. This post does not go into details, but more of things to think about for the better part of the day on how to make someone happy when they are depressed. Helping someone with depression, is one of the best ways to have a great day yourself. It can light up your own world.

This list is just to spark some ideas, and please note that not every item on this list is appropriate for every person in your life. I trust you to figure out which actions go with which people.

How to support someone with depression.Just smile more at them
Give them a hand to carry something.
Don’t forget to send a thank-you message
Call just to see how they are getting on.
Cook them a meal.
Tell a wise joke and laugh till your eyes begin to drip in tears.
Write a letter to a loved one.
Share with them a cherished book
Praise them openly.
Thank them for a good job well done.
Listen when they speak.
Be there for them when they need you.
Offer a free hug.
Spend q…

The Millionaire Guide On Personal Finance Basics To Help You Get Rich

Have you had the thought to get around your personal finance basics to boost your account without affecting it? Having worked to improve your personal finance creates an atmosphere of happiness. Thanks to removing debt from your financial decisions.

Here are the financial tips that work. Feel free to add yours at the comments section below this post.

1. Always use cash. Try and use cash to make most payments. Rather than having them charged on your credit cards. The use of cash makes the transaction more realistic. It also lets you know when you are getting out of cash. This will help you know if you are going beyond your budget limits.
2. Chill at home. You are likely not to avoid spending on unimportant things when you go out. Going out makes you more likely to spend unnecessarily. In place of going to the restaurants, cook at home. Getting a snack by the roadside, substitute them with a good fruit meal in your kitchen. It is difficult not to spend when you are on the road. You wil…

Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About How To Boost Self-Esteem And Confidence

Fear or not being able to handle my success if it came too quickly was what held me back from chasing my dreams for many years. I listened to several tapes on how to boost self-esteem and confidence, just be be able to make that mental leap. I am no stranger to this, as it is something everyone faces. The million-dollar question is: what must I do to control this fear? By practicing on my self-esteem and confidence, without given a second thought to it for some time, was what aided me to finally pursue my dreams. Those fears are not totally gone, but now I know how to have my way around them. This I have done severally.

A word of caution though, what I have realized is, a lot of people make differences between these words; self-esteem and confidence. In this article, I use them in turn, even if there is a hidden important difference.
Self-esteem is being worthy of respect from others, and having the belief in yourself is what is termed confidence. Finally, both amount to the same thi…

10 Facts You Never Knew About How To Become Debt Free On A Low Income

Recently I had a talk with my dad about his financial success, and one of the things that fell on my heart was that, he practiced being debt free throughout his life. My dad is financially sound, but he is not wealthy. He has a decent house, which does not belong to any bank, no loans, no rents and no credit card debt. Being debt-free is exciting, he says. Well, with his credit history, he can get a loan, so life is slightly perfect. But I recommended to him, to do away with borrowing if he ever gave that a thought.

Stay debt-free, be wise with money, and you can live a credit-free life.

Unfortunately, that is the life most people wish they had. Yes, you can have a meaningful life without borrowing. It is difficult for most people to get enough to rent, let alone buy their own homes.

Here are some tips on how to become debt free on a low income, if that appeals to you

1) Have an emergency fund A lot of people use credit as a sort of last resort in unexpected situations. Rather use yo…

What I Wish Everyone Knew About How To Be Happy In Life

It is an open secret money cannot purchase happiness. We though pretend with more money we would be happier. We are trained from childhood to understand how to be happy in life might be achievable through having more money.
Can money really buy happiness? We are trained to want more wealth (we know the wealthy are not happy either); we are conditioned to get the trending style or electronic appliance. Example, look at how lots of people throng the stores during the holidays to get gifts for their friends and family. We aspire to get more money then can we buy what we want and be happy in life.

But do these things really bring us happiness? True happiness cannot be bought. In spite of how fat our salaries are, how much is in our bank accounts.The mansions, clothings and cars we have acquired over the years, all of these cannot give us that happy life. Unfortunately, some will realize this later on in their lives.
Answer to how to be happy in life What brings us happiness? By stroke of…

14 Things Nobody Told You About How To Lose Weight

Recently I asked a couple of people to give their best weight-loss ideas. And boy, some of the answers about how to lose weight were awesome. I have put together some of the great ideas below, for those trying hard to lose weight. It is not in any particular order, and there might be conflicting ideas — but remember there are some awesome ones here, so select those you believe will go great for you and try them.

Remember to make your plans clear in order to get you motivated. Eat less and move more.

1. To have a successful weight loss, you need to change your life. Turn the unhealthy life into good habits. Take charge of your life. That is not the end, you have to have faith you can do it. Dreams only become reality very quickly when you work hard at it.

2. Never try to lose weight. This sounds quite extreme. The main pointer of too much weight gain in the time ahead of you, is trying to lose weight in the past. Don’t get yourself hungry. That will not last. Go get some workout. Keep…

Help Me Save Money Tips You Need To Learn Now

In most occasions the most difficult aspect of saving money has to do with the beginning of how to save money. Hard as it may seem to make out how to save money. I am going to show you 6 money tips you can pocket for life.
1. Keep a note on all your payments Knowing how much you spend is the first thing to note down, in your quest to save money. Keep details of all your expenses—from food, tickets, and coffee you purchase.

Once you have the figures, break down the figures by groups, such as transportation, food, and mortgage, and sum each amount.Try using your credit card or bank statements, if you bank on-line often. Try to sieve out your bank statements to easily identify your spendings.

2. Prepare a budget Having gotten the idea of your spendings for a month, you can start to group your recorded costs into a practical budget. Your expenses and income should be in agreement with your income. That is they must at least break-even—so you can track your expenses, and reduce spendings …

Simple Guidance For You In Having Positive Mindset To Lose Weight

The power of thinking positively contributes greatly to your determination to have weight loss. Positive mindset to lose weight begins from you having to throw away all self-defeating actions, which include- Not sticking to your exercise or diet plan. Having good thoughts contributes to good drive and inspiration to take action to lose weight.

Positive mindset and weight loss. Positive frame of mind is encouraging. A bad thought can set into action things, that would make your weight loss strategy hard to achieve.

Attacking yourself anytime you mistakenly make poor choices in eating and not sticking to your workout plans can greatly affect your weight loss attempt.
When you picture a positive self-image of yourself,you gain the required drive. When feeling weak, anxious and ill motivated, chances to skip your exercise or eat junk food feels good in the short time.

On the other hand, accepting how your feelings, and changing those negative mindset into positive ones can in point of fa…