Top 5 Ways Our Health Can Be Affected

Child laying sick in bed at home

There are many ways our everyday lifestyle affects  our health, be it emotionally, psychologically or otherwise.
So without writing much I will take you to the top 5 ways our everyday lifestyle affect to our health negatively or positively.

1. Gambling –

Gambling have a great effect on our daily living, those that gamble know what am talking about. It brings joy when you are winning and it causes emotional trauma when you are losing. If you depend on gambling to make a living then you are 75% putting your health at risk because when you losing money to gambling company daily you chances of developing high blood pressure is very high because at the end of the day you’ll remember something good you might have done with the money you lost to those gambling company. So if you want to live healthy daily then shun gambling

2. Lying –

When you make lying your everyday habit then you are toiling with your health because for every lie you tell you need 10 more lies to cover it up thereby overworking your brain. The worst part of this is that you get scared whenever you see the people you’ve been lying to thereby making you to get this phobia for people around you.

3. Unemployment –

This is a major problem because the number of unemployed youth is increasing as the day passes by and that is how demand increase too so this is a major challenge to health because this can lead to high blood pressure and probably suicide. So if the government do not provide job then the unemployed should involve themselves in some skills that will be beneficial to them to affect stories that touch.

4. Relationship –

It is important to work on your own mental health before going into a relationship. If you are in a healthy relationship it helps you improve on your mental health but an unhealthy relationship is disastrous to our health. So if you are in an unhealthy relationship better quit and go into relationship that will give you a sound health.

5. Diet –

Diets affects our physical health. So good diet increases our chances of staying healthy daily

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