This Is What Van Vicker’s Wife Hates About His Romantic Movie Scenes And It’s Surprising

Van Vicker And Wife

Van Vicker And Wife

Ghanaian Actor, Van Vicker has said that his wife doesn’t feel comfortable when watching his romantic movie scenes. He said this in an interview with Arnold Mensah on Vibes In 5.

“My wife believes in me … she believes I am being professional in my job…” Van Vicker “I should also say, she doesn’t find it so easy, to watch my romantic scenes. She doesn’t find it easy to watch” he added. In the interview, Van revealed that Van Vicker is actually his family name. In case you are wondering why his wife calls herself Adwoa Van Vicker, you got the answer today. The actor first name is Joseph and not Van. His full name is Joseph Fiifo Van Vicker.

“The point is to make it (kissing) look real. Otherwise, the viewers will start to condemn my act… that it doesn’t look real. I have to make it look real. But as much as I’m making it look real, my emotions as an individual, as Van is not attached to that character… Kissing a lady in a movie is real … but the difference is in how you do it.”

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