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Stars Who Were Apparently ‘Too Ugly’ For Kumawood


Stars Who Were Apparently ‘Too Ugly’ For Kumawood

As if Kumawood didn’t give non-actors enough of a beauty complex, even talented celebrities have been shamed in the entertainment industry because of their looks.

It may be hard to think of, but some of the most successful actors and actresses in showbiz were once told they were not attractive enough to make it. Here are a few stars who proved all their haters wrong.

Maame Serwaa
Stars Who Were Apparently 'Too Ugly' For Kumawood

Maame Serwaa

She is the most famous child-actress of all time, but there was a time when Maame could not turn every head in the room. She has been labeled overweight at her age in many instances, but that has not stopped her from fulfilling her dreams.

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