Mr. Ibu reveals the darkest day of his life that will may you also cry

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Mr. Ibu

Mr. Ibu

Popular Nigerian actor, John Okafor, has recounted that a Michael Bolton song once stopped him from committing suicide in one of the darkest days of his life.

The popular Nollywood actor narrated how a former friend he was living with in Ajao Estate area of Oshodi, Lagos, threw him out on the street with all his belongings. Speaking on Brila FM, a Nigerian radio station based in Lagos, Mr. Ibu narrated that after his friend unceremoniously kicked him to the curb, the actor seriously contemplated suicide. He recounted how he had already “opened up a well”, ready to jump inside and commit suicide when he suddenly overheard a Michael Bolton song being played nearby.

“I went back from where I was standing before and the guy who was living in the next building was playing Michael Bolton and the title of the song was, ‘When I am back on my feet again.’ I listened to it. I covered back the well, went back closer and the man singing was talking to me straight. After I listened to that music, I said God would have hated me if I had killed myself. God would have driven me away from his kingdom. I would have been in hell,” he disclosed.

According to Mr. Ibu, after the song was finished he found his new self and decided to find a place to sleep like an abandoned vehicle, or an uncompleted building. “I saw a trailer parked and I decided to sleep there, all of a sudden, in that trailer, I saw the marks of dogs and I decided not to sleep there anymore.” “I walked into the street and saw some crowd gathered at Ajao Estate. I met some colleagues, was given a script to read but because I had not eaten anything and my sight was bad, I could not read it.

Mr. Ibu said it was a fan who finally ended up providing him with a place to stay. He related that this fan, one Sandra Eze, asked him to follow her back to her boyfriend’s house and since he did have anywhere to go, he followed. “Coincidentally, that my friend came back from Germany the day before. He told me that wherever I live in Lagos I must pack out today. The guy (Sandra’s boyfriend) took me to my house and saw my bags and load outside. I first lied to him that I wanted to travel, which was why I brought out the load. I carried my bag and clothes and we went back to his house, and he gave me a room.
I went in and started crying again. I reserve my biggest thanks to that girl, one Sandra Eze, God will pick you up and collect your case file. Everything must be yours,” he narrated.

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