Kafui Danku Opens Up On Why She Married A Man Twice Her Age

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Kafui Danku and Husband

Kafui Danku and Husband

Kafui Danku, who recently became a mother, has said her unpleasant experiences with young men have led to her attraction to older men.

Kafui explained that, as an individual who is attracted to an easy-going partner, older men are more patient, pragmatic and realistic than the younger ones.

She talked about how her previous relationship with a much younger partner ended in massive disappointment.

According to her, the relationship which lasted a year was not something to write home about because her ex used to nag a lot about her career and was not transparent about a lot of things.

This, she said, made her uncomfortable.

In an interview with Delay on The Delay Show, she said although her husband is about twice her age, his simplicity and approach was what knocked her off her feet.

“What attracted me to my husband was his approach. He acted like the gentleman he is and he exhibited confidence,” Kafui Danku.

The film producer disclosed she first met her husband, Pitcher, on a flight.

They dated for six months and are in the seventh year of marriage and were recently blessed with a baby girl.

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