I do not miss my former husband at all-Juliet Ibrahim’s reasons will blow your mind

Juliet Ibrahim and former husband

Juliet Ibrahim and former husband

While many females are clamouring and tripping over themselves to enter into marriage, others like Juliet Ibrahim, who’ve had a taste of what matrimony is all about, do not have any desire whatsoever to pursue that course again – so it seems.

Razzonline.com monitored as the actress, who is also a musician and a philanthropist spoke about his failed marriage and how she does not miss it or anything that came with it. “I do not miss marriage at all and I do not miss my ex-husband at all,” she told Anita Erskine on Starr FM. She also asserted that, there are a lot of favours that come with being single in the creative industry- the reason why some celebrities love to hide their relationship or marital status.

However, she stated that whenever she gets hitched, there’s no way she’s hoping to keep that status as a secret. Juliet generated the headlines during her marriage and its failure to business mogul, Sarfo Kantanka Jnr. The actress and the Juliet Ibrahim Charity Foundation are organizing an all-female celebrity soccer match.

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