7 Ways Ghanaian Bosses Abuse Their Staff



Almost every employee working in Ghana would agree that at some point or the other, their bosses have abused their rights as employees.

Looking at the Ghanan labour culture, everyone would agree that as much as government workers can strike all they want when it comes to fuel price and others, those working in the private sector are like lambs waiting for slaughter and any employee can catch the boot or become a victim of abuse anytime from the boss, and nothing would happen.

The ‘boss’ mentality has literally turned employers and superior staff into slave masters, having them

act like gods in the light of the prevalent unemployment rate in the company.

This is because of the almost non-existent enforceable labour laws protecting the rights of employees, and the absolute inability of most policemen to protect the masses in the face of a boss’s superior position. Abuse of employees has come to stay, and unless the government sits down on the neck of private employers and tightens the laws protecting the employees, many people would continue to suffer.

Below are some ways Ghanaian bosses abuse their staff, on a regular.

1. Owing of salary for long periods of time.: Many employees  can tell a tale or two about this, especially during the Christmas period.

2. Firing at short notice and without severance pay.

3. Corporate bullying and unprofessional manners of addressing staff

4. Lack of proper health insurance

5. Working them overtime and without extra pay

6. Defamation of character upon end of working relationship

See detailed explanation of these points, highlighting the intricacies and depth of this abuse, with different stories shared by people who have experienced it.

The list is endless and unless the government tightens the labour laws protecting employees, Ghanaians would continue to suffer under these evil bosses and no one would do anything about it.

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